About Sadidleee
Sadidleee is a service provided by Sadidleee America LLC that provides online payment solutions to the Yemeni market. Sadidleee is considered the first of its kind in the market, as it enables its customers to pay telecommunications, public electricity and public water services via secured online payment method around the clock. The payments are made online through the financial company ``Stripe`` which accepts credit cards or through the well-known online payments system Paypal.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to add a value in the Yemeni market for its clients. We aim to facilitate the electronic payment process for various services, regardless of their sizes. This endeavor is only the beginning of the road towards a comprehensive approach to keep pace with e-commerce.
Our Vision
We believe that the Yemeni market has lagged far behind from the global market and is still locked into traditional methods. The time has come to move the Yemeni market to a new and advanced stage by working on providing modern means of payment with using the youth’s energy and their sharp minds that have witnessed the great progress which the whole world has reached without Yemen.
Our Team
Our team is made up of expatriates, who are brought together by Yemen. We carry the concerns of our families back in Yemen and every expatriate’s family concerns. Thus, we seek to alleviate the suffering represented by the difficulty of supporting families considering the difficult circumstances.
Happy Customer